Feng Shui Tips for Your Child’s Bedroom

//Feng Shui Tips for Your Child’s Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips for Your Child’s Bedroom

Bed position:

  • Avoid having the foot of the bed pointing out the door. This can lead to a sense of insecurity.
  • Ensure the child can see the door while lying in bed. This helps them feel more secure.
  • Do not place the head of the bed against a wall that holds the electrical panel (to reduce exposure to electromagnetic energy), directly under a window (which can lead to insecurity), or one that is directly across from a toilet or the stove—so all their dreams symbolically go ‘down the drain’ or ‘up in smoke.’

Type of bed:

  • A bed made of wood is preferred to one made of metal. If the bed is metal, ensure that no electrical cords touch it.
  • The bed should have a head and footboard (for personal stability).
  • To allow good Chi to circulate around people while they sleep, all beds should have four legs and be raised off the floor.
  • If you have a Captain’s-style bed – with storage drawers underneath – store only soft toys and sleep-related items there.
  • If possible, avoid bunkbeds. They have oppressive chi and can make a child feel trapped.

Colour, theme and décor:

  • Choose pastels and other light colours to create a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Use a Himalayan salt crystal lamp to help clean the air and provide a soft, ambient night light.
  • Avoid activity-related themes – such as racecars and war toys.
  • Avoid bedding and wallpaper with wild, chaotic patterns (especially if your child as ADD/ADHD).

Last, but not least, remove all electronics from kids’ bedrooms. Yes, this includes televisions, computers and electronic games. And, yes, they will complain! Move electronics to a playroom or family room where activity is encouraged. Make the bedroom a place your child can relax, read a good book and unwind… and you’ll both sleep better!


Author: Terri Perrin

source: http://www.fineartofintention.com/


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